Jason E. Smith, Jungian Analyst

Dream Dialogues

"In each of us there is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves."

C.G. Jung

The Dream Dialogue process is an effective way to experience the depth and richness of the analytic process through a brief but focused encounter with the creative and healing capacities of your  own dreams.

Dreams can give you direct access to the underlying and unconscious patterns in your life and point you to the growing edge of your personal development. Dreams have the capacity to help you solve problems, find creative inspiration, deepen your spiritual life, and become who you are meant to be.  

If you are feeling stuck, a Dream Dialogue​ can help get life flowing again.

Personal Development

Dreams urge us toward wholeness. They express an inner wisdom that shines a light into our blind spots and steers us toward realizing our unlived potential.

Spiritual Growth

"All dreams reveal spiritual experiences," said Jung. Dreams connect us to a source that lies beyond the personal self and infuses our lives with the experience of meaning.

Creative Inspiration

Artists and scientists throughout history have found inspiration in their dreams. By opening a dialogue with our dream life, we establish a connection with a profoundly creative source within.


Choose from one of 3 options:

  • Single Dialogue
  • Extended Dialogue
  • Deep Dialogue


Twelve weekly 75-minute sessions.

This option is best suited for those people who are struggling with a particular issue around which they would like to reach some resolution. If you are troubled by experiences such as relationship difficulties, work concerns, a period of mild depression, or a creative block, the Deep Dream Dialogue can help you work through them. You will be able to focus in on your concerns using techniques such as dream incubation and active imagination. Includes a written summary of key images and symbols, suggestions for cultivating potential areas of growth, and an introduction to the use of active imagination.


1 Payment of $1200 

Or 2 payments of $635

William Blake: The Dreamer Dreams a Dream

"Dreams show us how to find a meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us."

Marie-Louise von Franz​

Dreams are the channel that bring the good part of us, the free part of us, out into the open.

Anne Rivers Siddon

Only when dreams are highly valued can they exert great influence. Our first step is this: we must place much higher value on dreams and visions than the modern world community affords them as sources of wisdom and transpersonal energy that can benefit our body/mind system.

C.A. Meier
Jungian Analyst

Together the patient and I address ourselves to the 2,000,000-year-old-man that is in all of us. In the last analysis, most of our difficulties come from losing contact with our instincts, with the age-old unforgotten wisdom stored up in us. And where do we make contact with this old man in us? In our dreams.

Carl Gustav Jung
Swiss Psychiatrist