Work without a sense of destiny

Work and the Soul: Cultivating a Sense of Destiny

The Soul of Work One of the fundamental problems with our experience of work today is that we do not have sufficient complexity in the way we imagine this central human activity. Too often, when we ask questions of our work, they touch on issues of security, stability, and predictability, but not at all on […]

Is Dream Analysis Really Useful?

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Sigmund Freud declared that dream analysis was the royal road to the unconscious. Over a hundred years later, despite extensive research into the process of sleep and dreams, as well as the experience of countless thousands of people who have been helped by engaging in the process of […]

The Illusion of Self-Control

Behind the CurtainOne of the hardest things to truly grasp about C.G. Jung’s understanding of the human psyche is the notion that there are aspects of psychological functioning that take place outside the control of the conscious mind.To be sure, most people understand on a cognitive level what is meant by the unconscious. But it […]

As We Are: Psychological Fantasy and Personal Growth

“We do not see things as they are,” goes a saying attributed to Anaïs Nin, “we see them as we are.”The origin of this saying is in doubt — some, including Nin herself, attribute it to the Talmud — but it expresses an important truth. Psychological Fantasy and the Creation of the WorldThe world does not present itself […]

Wisdom of the Dream, pt. 5: Dreaming of the Future

This is the final part in the series of postings examining the Wisdom of the Dream conference put on by the C.G. Jung Institute of Boston this past fall. The discussions of the other speakers and presenters in this series can be found by clicking these links:William Ventimiglia, Robert Stickgold, Erik Goodwyn, Jill Fischer, Soren […]

Wisdom of the Dream, pt. 4: Dreams and the Body

In this post I continue my look at the Wisdom of the Dream conference put on by the C.G. Jung Institute of Boston. To read the previous posts in this series just click on the following links: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.In this fourth part I will discuss the experiential dream group facilitated by […]